If I like Twitter, how can we communicate privately?

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Julian Dumitrascu
·Jul 22, 2022·

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One is free to communicate as one likes.

Programmers don’t give one much choice, e.g. on Twitter.

When person 1 wants to address a message to person 2 without the conversation being public, a Twitter user must communicate in a community or rather here.

I’m sick of the spam in the private conversations on Twitter, so I’m preventing people from starting such conversations with me.

Google Plus and Facebook were spammed until Google and Meta charged people to use Google Currents and Meta Workplace. The benefits we get from a person depend on how much we benefit them in return. Do ut des.

I recommend conversing in public when you communicate with a person for the first time and agreeing with them on how you are going to manage the next messages in your dialogue.

Any person can communicate with me privately at any time using e.g. LinkedIn.

We can express ourselves without worrying about how many characters our messages include. We can embed other content where we please.

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