How would you find being pulled into a sales funnel?

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Julian Dumitrascu
·Jul 14, 2022·

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1. I don’t like the image of cramming people into pipelines or other objects. How would you like being treated like a bag out of which one could squeeze money?

We discuss data management plans, each of which includes a communication management plan. It refers to the communication e.g. with customers, which begins before a person places their first order.

2. When you want to discuss what benefits you want from your communication, we can discuss the benefits and costs of abbreviating words.

Sol Language Services provides professional advice about such things.

3. “Converting” people into customers refers rather to interrupting people to ask them to communicate with you (the synonym to “one”) as you dictate, about giving you money.

To me this seems an outdated disrespectful method of business communication.

4. I’ve never liked e-mail marketing.

One is improbable to sell anything to us using e-mail.

We take people off e-mail: we help them use computer programs with which one can communicate more effectively.

5. “You should never get into fixing marketing problems without auditing first”

I like this. It’s easier to provide a valuable service when you understand the customer, their situation, and the history at least of the topic at hand. It helps you to plan on how to achieve the set goals, and to agree with the customer on requirements.

6. People can trade using software that is more helpful than what Google and Meta offer.

7. People can trade using a computer program instead of a Web site.

We could make Web sites history.

9. I’d discuss using what you might call “social” and “forums”. We call Medium a communication program instead of a “social medium”.

We build relationships.

We offer methods and means of data management that make it easier for people to find the most helpful services, so we’re useful when people provide a service, too.

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